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3 Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home This Summer

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Are you, like many in Chesapeake, Virginia, just desperate for relief from those nagging allergies? Allergy-triggers have many indoor as well as outdoor sources. You may not be able to avoid outdoor contaminants, but you can take even simple steps to turn your home into an allergen-free sanctuary. Here are three ways you can help to allergy-proof your home this summer.

Install an Air Purifier

Installing a whole-home air purifier is the first step toward having an allergy-proof home. For whole-house solutions, these cleaners are connected to your existing HVAC system. This is more effective than relying only on the standard HVAC air filters. Air cleaners capture and destroy dust, dirt, fungi, and other pollutants. By using an air purifier in your home, you are guaranteed cleaner, fresher, air.

Keep It Outside

No matter how much you may try to stay indoors and avoid the allergens outside, they somehow always find a way into your home. Whether through your HVAC system, from shoes and clothing, or from gaps around doors and windows it is quite easy for these particles to enter your home. While it may be impossible to prevent pollutants from entering your home, you can minimize their effect.

  • Use doormats to help reduce the amount of dust, pollen, and dirt that enter your home.
  • Check around windows and doors for gaps that let air inside. Seal leaks with material such as caulk and weatherstripping.
  • Dust, clean, and vacuum regularly.
  • Schedule regular maintenance to have your system thoroughly cleaned.

Being vigilant can make a lot of difference with your indoor air quality. This approach is especially important if anyone in your home has a respiratory illness.

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

A regular cleaning schedule is very important. Air particles containing dirt, dust mites, insect waste, pet dander, and many other irritants are constantly finding refuge on various surfaces of your home — especially your floor, draperies, and bedspreads. Minimize the effects of these irritants by regularly cleaning every area of your home, especially carpets, rugs, and bed sheets.

Keeping your allergies at bay just may be the key to a happy and comfortable summer. For more questions about containing allergies, or to have an air cleaner installed, give Weather Makers a call at 757-263-4869.

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