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3 Ways to Treat and Not Trick Your HVAC System This Winter


187396719 2 optimizedWhile winter’s chill is still weeks away, fall is the perfect time to keep tricky cold weather conditions at bay by treating your HVAC system with some important preventive care. Your efforts could save  time, money, and frustration as the transition to cooler weather occurs, potentially saving you problems with unexpected heating repairs when the furnace finally fires up for the season. Here are three ways to treat your system with care so that your family can enjoy reliable comfort levels this winter.

Treat Your Furnace to Preventive Maintenance

HVAC maintenance for your furnace should be scheduled before winter arrives. Halloween often signals that change of season. Before you take your little tricksters out for treats, your furnace should be ready to weather any early wind or snow storms. An HVAC technician can inspect your system thoroughly to ensure that all parts are intact. He or she may clean dirty heat exchangers, igniters, and other parts, but in cases of old or worn out parts, there may be a need for a replacement. Moving parts will be lubricated and electric components will be checked also. Your controls can be tested and calibrated, too.

Fall HVAC maintenance is also a critical safety measure, allowing venting to be evaluated to ensure that emissions are handled correctly. A malfunctioning furnace can be dangerous because of both fire safety and carbon monoxide issues. Your fall inspection is a crucial step in keeping your family safe from harm during the winter.

Treat Your Ducts to a Thorough Cleaning

Inspecting your ducts for leaks and dirt is important for enhancing indoor air quality while minimizing energy waste. Dirty ducts can keep pollutants hidden from sight, but visible signs of dust or mold at vents clearly signal the need for cleaning. During an inspection, leaks may be observed and brought to your attention. Leaky ducts can account for nearly half of the energy used to heat your home, and stopping those leaks can lower your bills quite a bit. Duct cleaning should occur every three to five years based on the recommendations of your HVAC company in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Treat Your System to a Programmable Thermostat

Prepare your system for an energy-efficient winter by treating it to a programmable thermostat. By using recommended settings, you can stabilize indoor comfort levels and energy bills, allowing your household budget to benefit. A 1-degree change at the thermostat can represent 1 percent on your energy bill if that change is maintained consistently. The stability also limits the stress that can be placed on your furnace due to unusual swings in temperature settings. Dramatic changes in settings simply require more pronounced activity later to address big drops in household temperature levels. However, minor changes during the day enable you to reduce these periods of extreme heating.

Weather Makers is proud to address the home comfort needs of the Chesapeake, Virginia, area, offering important HVAC maintenance services and being available for emergency heating repairs on a 24/7 basis. Call our office to learn more.

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