Are you trying to save money on your energy costs this spring? These four tips can help lower your energy bill while improving the energy efficiency in your Chesapeake, North Carolina, home.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can save you a lot of money by helping you to manage how you use your air conditioner. With a programmable thermostat, it’s possible to set your unit to match your family’s schedule so it can cool your house down when someone’s home and not when the house is empty.

A Wi-Fi-capable thermostat offers even more control and flexibility, allowing you to program your thermostat remotely from your smartphone or other Internet-enabled device. If you are going on vacation this spring, this is one effective way you can manage energy at home.

Upgrade to ENERGY STAR

If appliance upgrades are in your plans this spring, make the switch to ENERGY STAR products. This is probably the smartest move you can make with regard to purchasing appliances. ENERGY STAR certified equipment guarantee energy savings on products that carry the label.

Get Low-Flow Showerheads

Low-flow showerheads don’t just save water, they also lower the fuel costs generated by your water heater. The amount of water you use while taking a hot shower correlates to how much heating your water heater has to do. By curbing water waste, a low-flow showerhead also conserves fuel.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Getting a technician to give your HVAC system a tuneup can help you avoid emergency repairs or system failures. Some repairs can cost hundreds of dollars depending on the parts that need to be fixed or replaced.

A tuneup also makes sure that your system is running at the highest level of efficiency. Your technician will examine and service each component of your unit to make sure every part is functioning properly.

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