conserve energyDecades ago, the line between people who tried to conserve energy or be energy efficient was much clearer than it is today. Because of advances in technology, it’s easier to save energy and use it wisely at the same time. Conservation involves cutting back on energy use, while efficient use of it employs products that use less energy without sacrificing the benefits that conservation requires.

Heating and Cooling

The largest energy user in most homes is the HVAC system that provides heating and cooling year-round. An aging, inefficient system or one that needs professional attention uses far more energy than one with new technology that delivers better energy use. Homeowners with high efficiency systems receive much more benefit from the same amount of energy consumption.

Changing the air filters for forced-air HVAC systems combines improving efficiency with conservation, since a dirty filter drives up the energy that these systems use. When the air flowing through it slows, it takes longer for the system to reach the thermostat’s setting.

Another way to lower the amount of energy you use with the HVAC system is with a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts temperatures based on your occupancy patterns. These thermostats are also more accurate than older mercury thermostats.

Water Heating

Next to keeping your home comfortable, the water heater uses the most energy. You can conserve energy and make the water heater more energy efficient by draining a few quarts of water from it a few times throughout the year to get rid of the solids that collect at the bottom of the tank. Besides saving energy, it also prolongs the life of this appliance.

Wrapping an older water heater with an insulating blanket available at home improvement centers also promotes conservation and efficiency, since the insulation slows the amount of heat leaving the tank. Installing low-flow faucets and shower heads also combines efficiency with conservation.

The pros at Weather Makers, Inc. can help you conserve energy and be energy efficient with your HVAC system. We’ve provided top-notch HVAC services for Chesapeake area homeowners since 1971.

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