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Does My Geothermal System Need Maintenance in the Spring?

Geothermal System Maintenance

A geothermal system is a valuable investment for exceptional heating and air conditioning in your Moyock, NC, house. Essentially, geothermal systems are incredibly efficient for keeping a comfortable home. Here are the top three reasons your geothermal system requires maintenance this spring:

Longer Life

Firstly, the greatest benefit of routine geothermal maintenance is a longer operational life. With proper installation and maintenance, the geothermal system’s internal components can retain optimum efficiency for close to 20 years. Underground loops, on the other hand, can provide efficient services for over 50 years.

The geothermal system’s moveable parts experience gradual wear and deterioration over the years. During springtime maintenance, our HVAC service technician will ensure proper lubrication of all electro-mechanical components. Additionally, geothermal maintenance involves in-depth cleaning of the coils and drain pan to promote smooth operations.

Better Efficiency

Routine maintenance provides maximum running efficiency for your geothermal system. Frequent lubrication minimizes friction force, enhancing the system’s working efficiency. Debris elimination from the coils also promotes better air conditioning.

For open-loop geothermal systems, professional acid flush eliminates dirt buildup within the loops. Expert maintenance also involves a thorough analysis of the underground piping to check for leaks.

Additionally, frequent maintenance visits ensure proper anti-freeze settings for maximum cooling efficiency. An HVAC specialist will check the thermostat calibrations and clear hindrances in the ductwork to boost your home’s temperature regulation.

Clean Indoor Air

Finally, the geothermal air filters collect harmful airborne bacteria and irritants, keeping your home’s air fresh and healthy. Trapped contaminants build up within the air filters, leading to airflow issues. Dirty air filters create indoor air problems and cause a substantial rise in energy bills.

New air filters enable effective air circulation throughout all rooms. Replacing the air filters also averts sudden mechanical malfunction. An expert will assist you in choosing a replacement filter that fits the size of your geothermal system.

Contact Weather Makers for top-quality geothermal system installation and maintenance services. Our goal is to provide geothermal services that meet your house’s temperature control requirements.

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