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Green Tech Ideas for Upgrading Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostat

The heat of summer means barbecues, pool parties, outdoor festivals — and higher energy bills. Those higher energy bills might have you wondering how you can save some money. We’ve put together a list of green tech ideas to upgrade your Elizabeth City, North Carolina, home’s energy efficiency and save you money.

Install Solar Panels

The best way to reduce pollution and lower your electricity expenses is to install solar panels. The only drawback is the initial cost to purchase the panels and install them. Many states offer rebate programs to help homeowners afford this expense.

Buy Energy Star Certified Appliances

This includes your HVAC system! Energy Star certified appliances are certified to be more energy-efficient, using less energy, and saving you money. Everything from washing machines to refrigerators to air conditioners has Energy Star versions to choose from.

Harvest Rainwater

A rainwater harvesting system connects to your home’s gutters and collects rainwater runoff. You can use this harvest water to water your lawn and potted plants. Purchasing and installing a rainwater harvesting system is one of the least expensive green tech ideas you can implement.

Use Smart Appliances

Whether you install a Wi-Fi-enabled or programmable thermostat, use LED light bulbs, or plug into smart power strips, you can greatly reduce how much energy you’re using inside your home. These appliances will reduce the amount of wasted energy used in your home without reducing your comfort.

It might not seem like your home uses a lot of energy, but these tips can help each person to do their part in reducing pollution. Call Weather Makers today at 757-263-4869 to set up an appointment for one of our trained technicians to address your green tech needs.




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