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Keep Cool With One of These Home Ventilation Options

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home ventilationGood home ventilation protects members of your household from bad odors, as well as potentially deadly pollutants like radon and carbon monoxide (CO). If your home is properly ventilated, it will also be less prone to mildew and mold, which are known to trigger allergic reactions and cause chronic respiratory problems like asthma.

High quality ventilation supplies your home with fresh air, which dilutes or removes stale air. The exhaust fans above your range and in the bathroom are examples of ventilation.

Types of Ventilation

  • Natural ventilation – This type of home ventilation uses the wind for cooling. It also makes use of a phenomenon called the “chimney effect.” Natural ventilation is most effective when the nights are cool and breezy. You can make use of natural ventilation simply by leaving your windows open. The wind will enter through the windows on one side of your home and create a vacuum effect that draws air out via windows on the opposite side. The chimney effect occurs when air enters the basement or first floor, absorbs heat and then leaves via windows on the upper floors.
  • Circulating fans – Fans allow you to optimize the movement of air through your home. Moving air removes heat and creates a wind chill effect that will make you feel cooler. Fans are necessary in the warmer seasons when natural ventilation doesn’t cool sufficiently. Ceiling fans, table fans and window fans are all examples of circulating fans.
  • Whole-house fans – These fans can provide an energy efficient substitute for an air conditioner for much of the year. Whole-house fans work by pulling air in via open windows and exhausting it via your attic or roof. Depending on your home’s layout, whole house fans can change the air 30 to 60 times in an hour.

Learn more about Weathermakers’ home ventilation solutions, or give our team of HVAC professionals a call at 757-263-4869  for all your home comfort needs.

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