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HVAC Repair: What You Can Do and What Should Be Left to the Pros

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Many people love the challenge of taking on a task and enjoying the finished product. After all, why hire someone to do something that you could do on your own? In the case of an air conditioning system, however, homeowners in Chesapeake, Virginia, should not rely solely on their perceived skills. Ideally, you should never attempt any HVAC repair. The most efficient HVAC system will result from a balance between maintenance you conduct and the repair and maintenance tasks you leave to the professionals. Here’s what you can do and what is better left to the pros.

What You Can Do

Your maintenance tasks are vital to your system’s continued efficiency and longevity. First, you can make sure that the air filter in your air conditioner is clean and ready for duty. A dirty air filter will reduce both indoor air quality and air conditioning efficiency. Basic air conditioner filters should be checked and cleaned or replaced about once a month. If you have a whole-home air purifier, those filters last a little longer.

We know this may not be the DIY task you were hoping to hear about, but keeping your home clean prevents greater issues from forming. A dirty area around vents, heat registers, or the indoor and outdoor units of the HVAC system will force the system to work harder, reducing efficiency, indoor air quality, and the lifespan of the system.

You can ensure no branches, shrubs, or other landscaping grow too close to the outdoor unit. During landscaping tasks, take care, so that no debris or grass clippings blow or fall into the unit.

Leave This To The Pros

Licensed HVAC contractors should be the ones to make physical repairs on the system. HVAC units are complicated pieces of machinery and require a careful eye and practiced hand to remain in good condition. For obvious safety reasons, any electrical work or component replacement also should be left to professionals. Pros also clean the internal components and the ductwork, which can become dirty over time.

Saving money now may be important, but safely and properly maintaining an HVAC system with the help of a licensed professional will save you more money in the long run. For professional assistance with maintaining your HVAC system, give Weather Makers a call at 757-263-4869.

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