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3 HVAC Tips for New Home Construction

New Home Construction

New Home Construction

Building your Chesapeake, Virginia, dream home is an exciting venture. You can choose the layout just as you’ve always wanted, creating a warm and inviting place for your family and guests. However, it’s unlikely that your HVAC system crept into your dream home plans, despite its importance in home comfort. By following these simple HVAC tips, you can choose an ideal heating and cooling system for your new home construction that delivers comfort and savings.

Avoid Oversizing

It may sound odd, but bigger isn’t always better in the world of HVAC. When you’re installing a new heat pump, furnace, or air conditioner, you need to pick the appropriate size.

If you purchase a unit that’s too large for your home, it can actually decrease efficiency. Typically, these inefficiencies stem from the system cycling on and off constantly as it tries to maintain the correct temperature. The result is higher energy bills and more wear and tear on the system, which are two things you don’t need after the costs of a new home.

Consider Energy Star HVAC Systems

Over the past decade, energy-saving HVAC systems have become every bit as good as high-capacity units. The best way to find these units is by looking for the Energy Star logo.

With this logo, the unit meets specific government requirements regarding efficiency. This means that you can heat and cool your home to your preferences without the added energy bill.

Don’t Neglect Your Thermostat

Although most of your focus goes toward your furnace and air conditioner because of the associated cost, don’t neglect your thermostat. With a smart thermostat, you’ll always benefit from

pinpoint temperature accuracy. Plus, the unit learns your behavior over time and offers Wi-Fi compatibility to change your temperature from afar.

When you’ve finally decided on your perfect HVAC unit, let Weathermakers, Inc. do the heavy lifting. With years of experience in the industry and factory-trained service technicians, we’ll have your HVAC system installed quickly and efficiency. Give us a call today at 757-263-4869.

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