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It’s Not Too Late for Heating System Maintenance

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Cold weather has arrived in Shawboro, North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean you should skip maintenance on your heating system. You don’t want your heating unit to suddenly give out during a snowstorm. Annual heating system maintenance can help your unit last longer. You will also benefit from increased comfort, energy efficiency and savings.

Do You Need Heating System Maintenance?

We recommend heating system maintenance once a year. We advise our customers to schedule an appointment during autumn; so it’s not too late to schedule an appointment. Our technicians can inspect, clean and lubricate your heating equipment so that you are prepared no matter what happens this winter.

You need heating maintenance if we haven’t inspected your heating system in more than a year. You will also need this service if you’ve noticed problems with the unit, such as unexplained noises or uneven heating. If you have a preventive maintenance plan with us, we’ll even give you priority service when you call to schedule an appointment.

What Does Heating Maintenance Involve?

Our technicians conduct thorough evaluations of your heating system to make sure everything works as it should. We’ll lubricate moving parts to avoid friction and reduce wear and tear. We’ll also clean all components throughout the system and check and change your air filter if necessary.

We’ll tighten connections and fittings to make sure they don’t come loose. Our technicians know to check the gas line connections on gas furnaces to prevent leaks. If your thermostat is not working properly, it will also affect heating efficiency. Our technicians will calibrate and test your thermostat to make sure it continues to deliver comfortable temperatures.

The inspection will let the technician know if there are any problems with your heating system. Our team will recommend repair or replacement only if necessary.

It’s not too late to schedule heating maintenance with us. We believe in helping our customers keep long-lasting, energy-efficient heating appliances. To schedule a maintenance appointment, call Weather Makers today at 757-263-4869. We’ll send out our certified technicians to make sure you’re all set for winter.

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