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2 New Furnace Features to Know About

New Furnace Features

New Furnace Features

If the furnace in your Currituck, North Carolina, home is heating through its last winters, you need to think about purchasing a new system. Advances in furnaces have resulted in impressive systems with better technology, helping homeowners save in energy and repair costs.

Variable-Speed Furnaces

If your furnace is 10 years old or more, it’s probably a two-stage furnace. That means the blower operates at low or high, depending on how much heat the furnace needs to produce. Variable-speed furnaces offer more fan speeds than just the basic low and high.

When you pair a variable-speed furnace with a smart thermostat, you end up with a more efficient system. The thermostat figures out how much heating power the furnace needs to produce based on your home’s current temperature and the temperature outside. Then, the system kicks into gear, delivering the right amount of heat without running for too long or on too high of a setting.

Hydronics Heating Systems

One of the newest heater technologies is a gas-powered hydronics system. This type of heater is relatively expensive to install, and only few homes have one. But it’s a cool innovation we hope to see more of within the next decade.

Your radiator panels operate with convection and sit along the floor or the walls. Your furnace will heat water that circulates through these panels, providing deliciously even heating throughout the room.

Opt for a variable-speed furnace with a smart thermostat, and keep an eye on the hydronics system for years down the road.

Weather Makers technicians are enthusiastic about the heating capabilities these variable-speed options have. We’re happy to discuss the the systems we carry, including units from Bryant and Carrier. Call us today for an appointment at 757-263-4869.

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