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Is There a Puddle Around Your Boiler in Moyock, NC? This May Be Why

Puddle Around Boiler

Boiler problems can be quite frustrating, especially during the fall and winter. Random water pooling around your boiler is one of the notable signs that it’s leaking. Here are four reasons behind a random puddle around the boiler in your Moyock, NC, house.

Incorrect Pressure

Excessive pressure is a major culprit behind leaking boilers. Usually, modern boilers come with an outlet pipe that relieves pressure build-up within the boiler.

This outlet pipe could leak small water droplets due to condensation in the boiler. Such water leaks near the outlet pipe are quite normal, so you shouldn’t worry.

However, water pooling around the outlet pipe means that there’s something severely wrong with the boiler pressure. Contact a licensed plumber to troubleshoot and re-adjust your boiler’s pressure setting.

Wrong Installation

Poor-quality installation could be another reason a puddle around your boiler. Essentially, low-quality soldering wears pretty fast, leaving small crevices along the boiler.

Therefore, you should work with a reputable plumbing company in Moyock, NC, when installing your boiler. If you suspect incorrect boiler installation, consult your plumber for professional inspection and re-installation.

Damaged Seals

As your boiler ages, the internal seals wear and lose their effectiveness. Additionally, corroded seals allow water to seep, resulting in water puddles. The high boiler temperatures could also aggravate seal damage.

Routine inspection helps to identify and replace damaged seals, preventing boiler leaks. Make sure to work with a qualified plumber during seal inspection and replacement.

Small Cracks

Small cracks are quite common, especially for older boilers. Usually, these cracks arise from recurrent expansion and contraction of the boiler material.

If not fixed early, boiler cracks could result in severe property damage. Professional boiler inspection checks look for any cracks or damaged seals and joints. If your boiler has serious cracks, it’s best to seek a professional replacement.

Contact Weather Makers for all your boiler needs this fall. Our experts will help you fix and prevent boiler leaks all year.

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