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Reasons Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Your Home Evenly

Air Conditioner Problems

The core function of your air conditioner is to maintain even temperatures throughout your house. If your AC system in Smithfield, VA, provides irregular temperatures in different rooms, you need an air conditioner repair immediately. Here are some of the reasons for fluctuating room temperatures despite a running AC system.

Insulation Issues

Firstly, the ceiling and attic insulation are the biggest culprits of uneven temperature. As hot air rises, damaged, worn-out or poorly installed insulation leads to air leaks and erratic temperatures. Contact HVAC experts for thorough inspection and correction if you suspect insulation problems.

Filthy Air Filters

The air filters allow the central air conditioner to trap unwanted particulates from indoor air. Over time, debris and dust accumulate, restricting proper air circulation and leading to irregular temperatures. Changing the air filters at least once every 30-90 days will help restore even home temperatures.

Zoning Problems

If you use a zoning system, you can face cooling problems if the sensors or thermostats are faulty. Sometimes, the issue can arise from malfunctioned volume balancing dampers. However, a professional HVAC service technician will assist you in identifying and correcting the root cause of the problem. As a result, you can avoid further issues.

Closed or Blocked Vents

Over time, the vents are subject to dust and debris accumulation that blocks normal airflow. Also, closed or blocked vents cause the same problem.

Scheduling regular professional preventive maintenance helps clean the ducts and restore normal air circulation within the AC system. Additionally, ensure all vents are open and no furniture, appliance or home fixture is blocking them.

Wrongly Sized Air Conditioner

Finally, an AC unit that’s too small will have problems reaching required temperature settings and can easily break down due to overworking. Similarly, a larger AC unit is subject to extreme temperatures and malfunction because of frequent short cycles. Luckily, a certified service technician can help you find the right AC system for your home’s needs.

Proper installation and routine maintenance will help restore even temperatures and comfort in your home. If you live in Smithfield, contact Weather Makers for AC system installations, repairs and replacements.

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