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Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace in South Mills, NC?

Repair Furnace

Maybe you’ve noticed that your furnace isn’t operating the way it should. It’s not producing enough heat, it’s making weird noises, it’s cycling on and off frequently or all of the above is happening. This article discusses whether you should repair or replace your furnace in South Mills, NC.

Is Your Furnace Over 15 Years Old?

The working life of a modern furnace is between 15 and 20 years. If your furnace is up there in years, not acting the way it should and costs a lot to repair, it’s simply time to replace it.

The Furnace Leaks Carbon Monoxide

If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, the first thing you need to do is leave your home. Then, have an HVAC professional check to see if your furnace is leaking this imperceptible but deadly gas. If it is, it’s definitely time to get a new one.

Uneven Temperatures in the Rooms

If you notice that some rooms are comfortable while other rooms are too hot or too cold, sometimes the reason is a furnace that’s not working well. Whether you have the furnace repaired or replaced depends on how often this happens and if this is the only thing wrong. Uneven heating and cooling may have a different source besides your furnace.

It Costs Too Much to Repair

One rule of thumb to replace an appliance if the cost to repair it is 30% or more of what it costs to get a new one. For example, if it costs $3,000 to buy a new furnace, you shouldn’t spend more than $900 to fix your old one. The incentive to buy a new furnace is more urgent if the furnace is old.

Since 1971, Weather Makers has provided heating and cooling services to the community of South Mills, NC. Call us today for all of your HVAC needs.

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