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4 Signs You Need an Air Purifier

Need an Air Purifier

Need an Air Purifier

Maintaining good indoor air quality is vital to keep your family in Chesapeake, Virginia, healthy. Between dust, pollen, pet dander and other pollutants, your regular air filter may not be doing a good enough job on its own. An air purifier can help solve this problem and help you breathe easier.

Allergy Symptoms

Suffering from environmental allergies can be miserable — a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, headaches and other symptoms deserve immediate treatment. Taking allergy medications helps, but your own home should be a haven from allergy triggers.

Many allergies are seasonal, but others are year-round, such as dust and pet dander. An air purifier can remove even the smallest particles from your indoor air. Not only will you feel more comfortable during the day but you’ll also sleep better at night.

Asthma Flare-ups

If you have asthma, dealing with allergens like pollen or pet hair isn’t just inconvenient; it can be deadly. Along with allergens, other asthma triggers include smoke, odors and fumes. Air purifiers remove these as well as bacteria and viruses that worsen asthma symptoms.

Dust on Your Furniture

Everyone needs to dust their furniture, picture frames, and knickknacks now and then. But, if your home seems to endlessly accumulate a layer of dust and you can’t seem to control it, this may be a sign that your regular air filter isn’t doing a good enough job. Dust comes from interior as well as outdoor sources. Invest in a good air purifier and give your feather duster a break.

Bad Odors

Nobody likes to live in a stinky house. Air purifiers can eliminate many household odors such as garbage, smoke, dirty diapers and last night’s greasy fish dinner. Stop masking these odors with air freshener or scented candles — they’re not healthy either — and treat the source.

Need more information about how air purifiers work, or which is right for you? Give Weather Makers a call at 757-263-4869 and let us help you make your home into a sweet-smelling, allergy-free haven.

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