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There’s Still Time for Spring HVAC Tuneup Benefits in Smithfield, VA

Happy After HVAC Tuneup

Spring is a busy time in Smithfield, VA, and it can be easy to forget about maintenance for your HVAC system. Don’t ignore this step, though. There’s still plenty of time to reap the following benefits when you schedule a spring HVAC tuneup:

Better Efficiency

As your system runs, it slowly collects airborne contaminants that restrict air circulation. This causes your system to run longer to achieve the same desired temperature, which is the definition of reduced efficiency. During a maintenance visit, an HVAC service technician will clean all of the parts that commonly lead to airflow restrictions.

Longer Service Life

When your system cannot circulate air, it experiences a tremendous amount of strain. This strain causes extra resistance in the electrical components, which leads to extra heat. All of these effects combine to reduce the overall service life of both your individual components and the system as a whole, so make sure to schedule regular maintenance.

Fewer Unexpected Repairs

One of the major stressors associated with your air conditioning is wondering when it will require another AC repair. During an HVAC tuneup visit, the service technician will test each individual component looking for signs of sub-optimal performance. If they find that something is wearing out, you have the time to fix it before the worn part leads to an emergency.

Better Comfort

Part of the comfort provided by your air conditioner is that it removes humidity from the circulating air. If the system cannot circulate air effectively, it cannot pull the humidity from it. Likewise, if the evaporator coil is dirty, it won’t cool the air enough to draw out the humidity, so getting it cleaned is important.

Warranty Protection

Many manufacturers understand how important it is to maintain mechanical systems for them to last their expected service lives. As a result, the majority of manufacturers require regular maintenance as a term of keeping the warranty valid.

Ensure that your system is ready for the summer and that your warranty is valid when you need it. Call to schedule an HVAC maintenance visit from the experts at Weather Makers today.

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