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4 Tips for Using Your AC System in South Mills, NC, Efficiently

Calculating AC System Efficiency

The weather in South Mills, NC, is generally great. But summertime can be harsh with its hot and humid weather, and the heat tends to linger on through early fall. Here are some tips for using your AC system efficiently during this time:

Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

You can make a few changes in your house to help maintain comfortable temperatures while saving on cooling costs. For example, consider using LED bulbs instead of incandescent lights that produce heat. Also, use reflective drapes or blinders to prevent the sun’s heat from getting into your house, and seal cracks in your doors or windows to help keep the cool air indoors.

Provide Shade for Your Outside Condenser

In the daytime, the heat can be brutal. The high temperatures can give the AC condenser quite a difficult time performing its necessary function in cooling your home. In this case, you should simply provide a shade to the condenser. However, be careful not to obstruct the airflow.

Use Your AC System When You Need It

Don’t keep your air conditioner running all day when no one’s in the house. You could time it to turn on a few minutes before you return home. Also, make sure you close all doors when the air conditioner is running, and don’t cool places or rooms you barely use.

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

If your AC system isn’t functioning correctly in any way, it’ll consume too much energy as it runs. Regular maintenance can prevent any future problems and correct issues that you may not be aware of that are raising your bills.

Contact our air conditioning experts at Weather Makers for repair, maintenance, installation and any other services you may need. A well-maintained air conditioner is cost-effective and efficient and could last up to 20 years.

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