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Can I Use My Heat Pump More Efficiently in Moyock, NC?

Heat Pump Performance Stats

If you live in Moyock, NC, chances are that you use your heat pump for both heating and cooling. This makes it crucial that you find ways to increase the efficiency of your system. These four steps could help you achieve more cost-effective heat pump performance:

Filter Replacement

Replace your air filter every 90 days or more often if you have pets or allergic household members so that this component doesn’t act as an obstacle to airflow. In fact, anything that obstructs airflow, even a rug covering half an air register, can put stress on the heat pump, which must overexert itself to circulate the air.

Compressor Cleaning

In cooling mode, the compressor must stay clean so that it can release the heat from your home to the outdoors. You can use a water hose to gently wash the exterior, which can fill with dirt, dust, leaves and dead insects, and use a brush to wipe down the condenser coil that’s inside.

Additional Insulation

Have a service technician inspect your home to see if you need more insulation for your attic and walls. By keeping the air from escaping quickly, insulation lets your system run less frequently, sparing it much wear and tear as a result.

Schedule a Professional Tuneup

Professional maintenance can do your heat pump countless favors. The service technician can find and address whatever is wrong with your system. If necessary, they may recommend future repairs that will help you improve your system’s efficiency.

Our team at Weather Makers has you covered in case you need AC repair, so call us today for an appointment in Moyock. We offer a comprehensive maintenance plan that gives customers great benefits like a one-year warranty on parts and priority status when scheduling service. Our factory-trained service technicians can work on all makes and models of heat pumps.

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