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Why is My Heat Pump in South Mills, NC, Making Strange Sounds?

Heat Pump Sounds

Heat pumps are popular heating and cooling solutions in South Mills, NC, because of their efficiency at keeping homes comfortable throughout the year. Your heat pump shouldn’t produce loud and unusual sounds when in operation unless it’s malfunctioning. Call to schedule a heat pump repair if you notice the following odd sounds:


Vibrating and rattling noises may signify a simple issue like a loose cover panel that you can fix by tightening some screws. Rattling sounds may also indicate serious issues like air handler problems or an overly tight coolant piping. It’s best to hire an HVAC professional to check the heat pump and repair it.


Since heat pumps use electricity to heat and cool your home, hearing some humming noises is normal. If the noises are loud and annoying or come from the inside, it could signify an electrical issue. It could be due to a broken fan motor or a faulty piece that requires the help of a licensed service technician.


You may hear gurgling sounds when there’s a leak in the refrigerant line springs. When the refrigerant line leaks, oxygen gets into the line and creates a gurgling or bubbling sound. Hire a heat pump repair service technician to seal the leak and refill the refrigerant levels.


Grinding or metal-on-metal noises are due to a lack of regular heat pump maintenance. When the parts require lubrication or get filthy, they usually produce loud grinding sounds. The noise may also signify an issue with the system’s motor, so you should switch it off and wait for a heat pump repair service technician.

These heat pump sounds can be irritating, but you need to prioritize repairs before the problems escalate. Our trained service technicians will inspect your heat pump, recommend the right solution and assist with routine maintenance. Call our professionals at Weather Makers to schedule routine maintenance for your heat pump and extend its lifespan.

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