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Why Does My Heat Pump Run All the Time in Camden, NC?

Heat Pump

A heat pump isn’t designed to run continuously. If yours is, it’s a sign of a potentially serious issue that needs to be checked by an expert HVAC service technician. Let’s discuss some reasons heat pumps would constantly run in Camden, NC.

Refrigerant is Leaking

During the colder months, the refrigerant helps to transfer heat from the outdoor unit to your indoor unit. A refrigerant leak hinders the process, resulting in the system not being able to work properly and provide sufficient heating.

Signs of refrigerant leaks include, but aren’t limited to, a frozen evaporator coil and hissing sounds from your system. A professional service technician can repair the refrigerant leak for you and get it back to working correctly.

Outdoor Component is Dirty

The outdoor unit’s role during winter is to absorb heat from the surrounding area. Outdoor debris may clog this component, interfering with its ability to absorb sufficient heat and causing your heat pump to operate without stopping. Putting a barrier, such as a fence, around the heat pump can keep pets from rubbing against it and clogging it with their fur while also creating a safe distance that acts as a guide on where not to plant any shrubs or other vegetation.

Undersized Heat Pump

If your heat pump is too small, the system won’t have the capacity to correctly satisfy your home’s heating needs. Consequently, the system operates continuously instead of running in cycles. Typically, in this case, a service technician will likely recommend a replacement to the proper size for your particular home.

Contact Weather Makers for exceptional HVAC services if your heat pump constantly runs. Our NATE-certified service technicians are available to provide 24-hour support to our customers to ensure no HVAC issues interrupt their comfort.< You can count on us.

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