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Why Does My Heat Pump in Camden, NC, Short Cycle?

Heat Pump

You can tell that your heat pump is short-cycling if it shuts down briefly and restarts over and over. Here are some causes of a heat pump short-cycling in Camden, NC, and tips to address the issues:

Air Filter Clogs

Debris and dust accumulate on your air filters over time and clog them, restricting airflow. Airflow restriction means that your heat pump doesn’t circulate the right air amount for heating or cooling your home, which results in short-cycling. Ensure that you clean or replace your air filters often to prevent clogs that cause short-cycling.

Thermostat Malfunction

Your system has to keep restarting to maintain the correct temperature reading if the thermostat is faulty. It may also be due to wrong thermostat placement, especially if it’s next to the ductwork or in direct sunlight. It’s advisable to call a heating repair service technician to check for thermostat faults and fix them.

Leaky Refrigerant

The refrigerant takes heat from the outside and pressurizes it into your home during winter. Your heat pump experiences trouble transferring heat if there’s a refrigerant leak, resulting in short-cycling. Hire a service technician if your notice ice on your outdoor unit because it’s likely a sign of a refrigerant leak.

Wrong Unit Size

A bigger heating unit cools or heats your home quickly, so it detects the wrong temperature. The system then shuts off prematurely before reaching the target temperature, and the cycle repeats itself. Ensure that your home has the right heating system size by hiring a service technician for proper home calculations before installation.

Proper maintenance and conducting repairs can prevent short-cycling. Contact our team of HVAC experts if you notice that your heat pump is short-cycling. Call Weather Makers today to schedule preventative maintenance that will keep your heat pump in perfect condition and improve efficiency.

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