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What Impact Does Ceiling Fan Direction Have on Home Comfort?

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home ventilationIf you’ve never examined your ceiling fan closely, you may not know how powerful this basic home installation is. When used properly, a ceiling fan can greatly increase home comfort and assist the HVAC system efficiency. The key lies in properly adjusting ceiling fan direction to suit your home’s needs.

Energy Efficient Cooling in Summer

In summer, a ceiling fan in the counterclockwise direction can help cool your home by pushing cool air down. This provides the subtle wind chill effect, which is similar to what you battle outside in winter. During the hot summer months, though, this wind chill effect can work to your advantage by providing a breeze that helps evaporate the skin’s moisture quickly, creating a cooling feeling.

Convenient Warming in Winter

Most people associate fans with cooling a room, but changing the fan direction in winter can help warm your home and cut heating costs. Set the fan to rotate clockwise in the winter months. This will draw air cool air upward where it mingles with warm air at the top of the room. The clockwise fan motion then pushes the hot air out toward the walls, helping to re-circulate the warm conditioned air near the ceiling.

Maximizing the Impact of Fans

Check your fan’s settings seasonally to make sure you’re using it to its full advantage. Clean and lubricate the fan regularly to keep it in top condition. When operated properly, ceiling fans can help individuals feel slightly warmer or cooler, allowing you to adjust the thermostat appropriately to make the most of this energy-saving technique.

Learn more about how ceiling fan direction works to save energy, as well as other energy saving solutions available from Weather Makers,  or give us a call at 757-263-4869 for help with your home comfort needs!

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