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Why Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned?

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If your Chesapeake, Virginia, home uses a standard HVAC system, then you may be aware of both the risks and benefits of having an attached duct system. While ducts are excellent at distributing air throughout the home, having your ducts cleaned can help IAQ and boost efficiency and home comfort.

Indoor Air Quality

Dust accumulation is an avoidable byproduct of everyday living. Combined with allergens and other contaminants, dust settles in your home and in the air. Your home’s HVAC system draws in that contaminated air, circulates it through the system, and distributes that air back through the duct network.

Even though your system may have a clean, effective filter, or even an air cleaner, particles can still end up collecting in your duct system. These contaminants could also get circulated back into your living space, reducing air quality. Duct cleaning can rid your ductwork and indoor air of excess accumulations of dust and contaminants.


Dirty ducts are not only linked to poor indoor air quality — these ducts also have an adverse effect on HVAC efficiency. When dust and dirt line your duct system and the area around your vents and heat registers, this debris forces the system to work harder to push the air you need through these contaminants. Making your system work harder than necessary can reduce its efficiency, leading to more expensive utility bills and likely a shorter lifespan for your system.


This third reason to have your ducts cleaned relates to the previous two points. Clean ducts mean a more comfortable home. With better air quality, you won’t experience the uncomfortable symptoms such as an itchy throat, runny nose, or illness that come as a result of poor indoor air quality. With higher operating efficiency, your HVAC system will be able to give you the comfort you need in your home.

Professional duct cleaning can lead to better air quality, greater HVAC system operating efficiency and overall comfort in your home. For more questions, or to schedule an appointment to have your ducts cleaned, call one of our service professionals at Weather Makers Inc. today at 757-263-4869.

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