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Geothermal HVAC

Believe it or not, the key to keeping your family cool and comfortable all year long might be buried underground. We’re talking about geothermal heating and cooling, one of the most efficient forms of climate control available today. Updating to a geothermal heating system can save your family a bundle every month, and at Weather Makers, we have the tools and expertise needed to get the job done.

How Geothermal Systems Work

A geothermal heat pump works on the same principles as any other heat pump. During the cooling season, heat pumps use the same cooling cycle as air conditioners — refrigerant chemicals absorb heat inside the house and release it outside. During the heating season, the cycle reverses, absorbing heat from the outdoor air and bringing it inside. By running the cycle forward and backward as needed, heat pumps can maintain a comfortable temperature all year long.

While regular heat pumps exchange heat with the outdoor air, geothermal systems use the stable temperatures found deep inside the Earth. That means they can efficiently heat or cool your home even on very hot or very cold days.

Types of Geothermal Systems

All geothermal heat pumps use basically the same above-ground components, but they are distinguished by their underground loops. For most residential projects, we use horizontal loops that are buried just a few yards underground. Horizontal loops are the cheapest to install because there’s minimal excavation needed. However, they require a fair amount of space on the property, and they can be somewhat affected by extremely hot or cold above-ground temperatures.

For places where there’s limited space to work with, such as most commercial properties, we recommend deep vertical loops. These systems are a little more expensive to install, but because they go so deep underground, they provide exceptionally efficient heating and cooling once they’re up and running.

If there’s a significant water feature on the property, we can use a third configuration called a pond/lake loop. Depending on the volume of water, this can be the most efficient setup of all.

Benefits of Geothermal HVAC

In addition to providing highly efficient heating and cooling, geothermal systems are among the most durable systems available today. The indoor components of a geothermal heat pump can last up to 20 years with minimal maintenance, compared to eight to 10 years for a standard air conditioner or heat pump. The underground loop is even more durable, as it can last 50 years or more. That means a geothermal system is a truly long-term investment in your home.

Going Geothermal with Weather Makers

Because a geothermal system is such a long-term investment, you’ll need an HVAC company you can trust to make sure it’s set up properly. We’ve been serving the Hampton Roads area since 1971, and we have extensive experience working with all configurations of geothermal systems. Our highly qualified technicians will assess your home’s climate control needs and install a geothermal system that will meet those needs.

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