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3 Ways Your Thermostat Affects Your Home’s Energy Consumption

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The HVAC system in your Chesapeake, Virginia, home is responsible for a significant portion of your home’s monthly energy usage. Your thermostat is directly involved with how much energy your HVAC system uses. Even when you think you’re using the correct settings, issues like placement and age affect how well the thermostat works and how much energy your HVAC system ends up using.

Your Thermostat’s Location Matters

More factors affect the performance of these devices than you might realize. A qualified technician will know to observe certain conditions when installing the device:

  • Thermostats must not be installed where they might receive direct sunlight or near any other heat source. Otherwise, the thermostat will read the room temperature as warmer than it actually is at certain periods.
  • Don’t place the device over air vents as the conditioned air will affect the actual readings.
  • Devices installed on outer walls will also be affected by the outdoor temperature, especially where insulation is inadequate or completely lacking.

The temperatures in these parts of the house aren’t representative of the entire home. Your thermostat will register that it’s too hot or too cold and will cause your HVAC system to use more energy than it needs in order to reach your preferred temperature.

Older Versions Lack Energy-Efficient Technology

Smart thermostats include humidity monitoring and green technologies that help you to save money on energy bills. If you don’t have a smart thermostat, you should at least use one that is programmable. Modern versions allow you to take advantage of features that improve air conditioner use and encourage energy conservation. Without a programmable option, you’d have to remember to regularly change the settings based on your schedule. Most people don’t, which means they end up wasting energy heating or cooling an empty house.

The Wrong Temperature Settings Guzzle Energy

If you’re setting your thermostat too low in summer and too high in winter, you’re using more energy than needed. Adjust the thermostat so that it reads closer to the outside temperature to keep your HVAC system from using too much energy.

Do you have questions about your thermostat? Weather Makers has many qualified technicians who are ready to help you. For more information call us today at 757-263-4869.

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