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4 Tips to Trim Your Energy Bills

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As the weather outside changes here in Portsmouth, Virginia, it’s common to see an increase in your utility bills. But for many, the hikes in heating and cooling costs can cause financial strain, so follow these tips to trim your energy bills and keep more money in your pocket.

Change Your Laundry Habits

Each load of laundry in warm or hot water accounts for as much as 90 percent of the overall energy usage per load. You can easily trim your energy bill by washing all your clothing on the cold cycle. You might choose settings based on the clothing, but today’s detergents and machines are made to produce cleaner washes. In many cases the hot options are not necessary.

Do a Nightly Sweep

Before you go to bed each night, walk through the home and look for appliances, lights, and other equipment in your home that are still on or plugged into electrical outlets. Turn off lights and unplug items that aren’t being used. Even if devices are turned off, they will continue to drain energy if not unplugged.

Keep Vents Clean and Open

It might seem like a good idea to close vents in rooms where you don’t spend a lot of time, but this can decrease efficiency. Keep the vents open at all times to allow proper airflow throughout the system. You can also vacuum the vents routinely, but scheduling duct cleaning is also helpful for improving efficiency.

Schedule Routine HVAC Maintenance

A poorly performing HVAC system is often caused by a buildup of dirt and debris. As the system moves air, dust, pet hair, and other particles accumulate, making it harder for the unit to operate efficiently. During routine HVAC maintenance, your technician will thoroughly clean the system and look for damaged components that affect efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to schedule maintenance or get an HVAC problem checked, our technicians at Weather Makers are here to help. Call us today at 757-263-4869 to schedule preventive maintenance or for more ways to reduce air conditioning costs.

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