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3 Causes of Reduced Airflow in Moyock, NC

Poor Airflow

When you HVAC system isn’t working efficiently, it can cause the temperature to rise or lower inside your home, making you feel uncomfortable. It becomes expensive if you don’t fix the problem. These common causes of poor airflow in your Moyock, NC, house will help you determine whether your HVAC system needs maintenance.

Dirty Filter

After months of use, the filters in an HVAC system can get quite dirty. It’s essential to change them regularly since they’re one of the main ways dust and pollen enter your indoor environment. We recommend changing your air filter every month.

Ductwork Issues

Ductwork is a large part of a building’s HVAC system in Moyock, NC. When ductwork becomes clogged, it can slow down the flow of conditioned air through the HVAC system because it doesn’t allow enough room for the air to travel. This usually leads to hot and cold spots around your home. Investing in HVAC maintenance helps to keep your air conditioner and heater running well.

Wear and Tear

As the HVAC system works overtime, the blower motor tends to wear out faster than the compressor. This means that the HVAC system may become less efficient over time. Other parts such as the condenser fan, evaporator fan coil and drain pan will wear out eventually, too.

We usually recommend replacing these components every five years. These are just some of the many possible reasons our HVAC system might not be functioning correctly. Of course, we recommend maintenance twice per year to catch any issues developing before they worsen to a costly repair or replacement.

Many different factors can contribute to poor airflow. For more information about repairing and maintaining your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to contact us at Weather Makers today. We’re here to help you maximize comfort and efficiency.

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