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Fun in the Fall: 3 Steps to Prep Your Virginia Home for the Winter


iStock_000004011035Medium (1)__1412613411_72.77.202.119 optimizedThe changing of the seasons in Chesapeake, Virginia, brings cooler weather that can quickly make families uncomfortable in their homes. It’s important to go through the three steps outlined below before turning on the heat in order to maintain efficiency while avoiding major repairs.

Clean Your HVAC System

The changing of seasons offers the perfect opportunity to clean out an HVAC system. Air conditioners in Chesapeake homes will be turned off until next year, and heating systems haven’t  yet been cleaned out in preparation for cooler weather. Even if a heating system was cleaned at the end of the prior cold season, dust can build up over the months.

Cleaning is an essential HVAC maintenance task. Dirty ducts and air filters can prevent warmed air from reaching rooms. Dirt can also be circulated into a home, so keeping the HVAC system clean impacts indoor air quality.

Homeowners have the opportunity to check air filters and change them if necessary without professional assistance. Cleaning of the ducts, coils and other parts that are harder to reach is typically a task that’s completed as part of a preventative maintenance service appointment.

Seal the Air Leaks in Your Home

Air leaks can significantly reduce the efficiency of a home. This causes a strain on the system that has the potential to damage it, and utility bills will be higher when efficiency is compromised. Heating also tends to be uneven throughout a home when there are air leaks present.

Homeowners should start looking for leaks around windows and doors. Weather stripping is ideal for sealing up leaks found around the exterior of a home. Caulk can be used for leaks that are found on the inside.

Leaks can also be present within the HVAC system. Leaks in the ducts make it difficult for warmed air to reach rooms. Repairs need to be done to eliminate this problem and boost the efficiency of the heating system in the future. Dealing with minor issues in the present helps to prolong the useful life of an HVAC system.

Take Advantage of Ceiling Fans

Most people associate ceiling fans with cooling, but Energy Star explains that fans can actually be used to help boost the efficiency of a heating system. There is typically a switch located on the base of the fan that allows the rotation to be switched to a clockwise movement. This draws cool air up to the ceiling while forcing warm air down into the room for even heating.

Heating repair can be expensive, so it’s best to strive for preventative maintenance to avoid the need for these repairs. Weather Makers Heating & Air Conditioning provides maintenance packages that are designed to fit any budget. Our Chesapeake, Virgina, HVAC business also provides heating sales, repair and replacement services for homeowners who are already dealing with heating problems. Contact Weather Makers today to ask about our heating services or to schedule an appointment.

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