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How Your Air Conditioner Can Impact Your Business

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Being the owner of a business can be stressful when things don’t run like a well-oiled machine. Anything that negatively impacts employee productivity has a profound effect on everything from budgets to profits. You may not expect that one of those things holding you back is your air conditioner. Inefficient and neglectful use of your air conditioner can lead to employee discomfort and illness, as well as increased utility costs that reduce profit. Here’s why the air conditioner in your Chesapeake, Virginia, business could be holding you back.

The Effect of Air Conditioning on Your Business

Since air conditioners play a significant role in workplace comfort, any issue surrounding them is detrimental to productivity. Employees are not as productive when they are either too cold or too warm. In fact, a study at Cornell University showed that when the workplace temperature was less than 68 degrees, workers made 44 percent more errors than when the temperature was set at a more comfortable 77 degrees. Take control of your indoor temperature to ensure that your employees are comfortable.

If you haven’t scheduled AC maintenance, recently, you could be losing money to reduced AC efficiency. When an HVAC unit is not regularly maintained, strain on the system increases and your utility bills become can skyrocket too. A well-maintained HVAC system can also help to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Poor IAQ also decreases productivity as it can impact employees’ health and comfort.

Solutions to Greater Productivity

So what can you do? Keep the office at a comfortable temperature that keeps your employees productive. Hire an HVAC contractor to conduct regular maintenance on your system. The cost to do so will be much less than the money you’re losing to decreased AC efficiency and reduced employee productivity. Poor air quality and air conditioning efficiency can also affect your customers.

Finally, make sure that air filters are changed monthly to maintain high indoor air quality. A poorly used or maintained HVAC system may be holding back your business. Our team at Weather Makers is happy to help you increase air conditioning efficiency with regular commercial maintenance. Give us a call at 757-263-4869 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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