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Keeping Your Home in Chesapeake, VA, Safe With UV Lamps

Enjoying Benefits Of UV Lamps

Ultraviolet light has proven to be an effective way of killing all microorganisms, making it an ideal solution for your Chesapeake, VA home. Many illnesses result from bacteria or viruses, and you can use UV lamps for protection. This guide presents a brief discussion of UV lamps and some of their benefits.

What’s a UV Lamp?

Ultraviolet light is a special type of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum that’s invisible to the eye. The light can destroy cells, making it an effective way of destroying air contaminants. Although UV light kills germs, it’s harmless to people.

When used in lamps, the UV light improves your indoor air quality and helps you and your family stay safe. It’s also known as UV germicidal irradiation. UV lamps come in different sizes and shapes, and you can also use them to detect counterfeit money.

How UV Lamps Work

A UV lamp works by eradicating the DNA of bacteria and viruses and damaging their nucleic acid. The action prevents the bacteria from reproducing and multiplying, which leads to their death. UV light kills germs and bacteria in an average of 10 seconds from a distance of about 6 inches.

Benefits of Using UV Lamps

One of the significant benefits of using a UV lamp is disinfecting water without using chemicals. Unlike chemicals, UV lamps provide a fast and effective way of killing bacteria in your drinking water.

The second benefit is that of killing air-suspended contaminants. You can choose to use either a lamp that shines a light on surfaces or an air purifier that comes with a UV light. UV light air purifiers also eliminate odors that organic compounds cause.

Additionally, UV light air purifiers are ideal for smokers as they eliminate the smell of tobacco from your home. Moreover, UV light comes as boxes, bottles, wands and plug-ins, offering you several ways to kill contaminants. Keep in mind that every product comes with its specific set of instructions that you must follow.

For more information about how to maintain your indoor air quality, contact Weather Makers. Our qualified team of professionals will help you maintain clean and fresh air inside your house.

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