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Packaged HVAC Maintenance Tips

Get Professional HVAC Maintenance

If your Currituck, North Carolina, home has a packaged heating and cooling system, it’s important to engage in regular HVAC maintenance to keep it operating at peak efficiency. By maintaining it, you’ll ensure your packaged HVAC system keeps your home comfortable for years to come.

Clean Around – Not Inside! – the Unit

A packaged HVAC system typically sits outside the home. As a result, it can become clogged and overloaded with leaves, dirt, twigs, and other yard debris. The first step is using a broom or a shop-vac to eliminate these items from the system to avoid inhibiting its operation. 

While cleaning, swap out the filter. Look at the coils within the outdoor unit and vacuum or sweep them off when dirt starts to accumulate. Within your home, you can clean dust and debris off the vents and registers to make sure the heated or cooled air flows properly.

Safety tip: Unless you’re properly trained, don’t try to clean the inside of the unit. It can lead to injury or even death.

Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

Beyond some light cleaning and filter replacement, an HVAC service technician should perform the rest of the maintenance on a packaged HVAC system. Most manufacturers recommend a full tune-up at least once or twice a year. This service typically includes:

  • an assessment of the ducts
  • an inspection of the blower motor, outdoor coils and other critical components
  • a check of the refrigerant level in the cooling system

The service technician will also:

  • lubricate the motor
  • check the belts for signs of wear 
  • make sure they fit tightly 
  • examine the electric connections
  • test the thermostat 

If you have a packaged HVAC system in your home, schedule a tune-up with the experienced service technicians at Weather Makers Heating & Air Conditioning by calling 757-263-4869. We look forward to enhancing your comfort at home.

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