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3 Places You Should Never Install a Thermostat

Install a Thermostat

Install a Thermostat

No matter the season, you want your Virginia Beach, Virginia, home to be as comfortable as possible. But did you know that where you install your thermostat can impact your family’s comfort? Read on to discover three places you should never install a thermostat.

In Direct Sunlight

While you shouldn’t hesitate to welcome natural light into your home, avoid placing your thermostat in direct sunlight. After all, sunlight warms anything it touches, and direct sunlight could trick your thermostat into sensing that your home is several degrees warmer. During the summer months, that may prompt your air conditioner to work overtime to cool your home and waste energy.

Near an Exterior Door or Window

Whether you have a smart or a programmable thermostat, you should never place it within a few feet of an exterior door or window. Drafts and air leaks from outdoors can cause your thermostat to sense that the temperature in your home is closer to the outdoor temperature, leading to an inaccurate reading.

Close to Air Vents

Placing a thermostat in the path of an air vent is a quick way to confuse your HVAC system. If the thermostat detects the temperature of the conditioned air rather than the average temperature in your home, it may prompt your HVAC system to short cycle. In addition to leaving your home at an uncomfortable temperature, short cycling can cause humidity issues, indoor air quality problems, high utility bills and more frequent HVAC system breakdowns.

Are you in the market for a new thermostat and need advice on where to install it? Call Weather Makers at 757-263-4869 for fast and friendly service. We’re here to help you maximize comfort and efficiency.

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