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Schedule HVAC Maintenance This Fall to Enjoy These 4 Benefits

Home After Fall HVAC Maintenance

Homeowners in Elizabeth City, NC, are enjoying autumn weather now. Cooler temperatures are a relief from the summer heat. Now’s the time to take action and schedule HVAC maintenance before winter arrives. Fall maintenance is a great way to ensure reliability of your heating system. Below are four benefits you can enjoy from scheduling HVAC maintenance this fall.

Cleaner Home

HVAC maintenance includes thoroughly inspecting and cleaning your heating system. This includes removing the accumulated dust, debris and dirt that’s gathered on the heat and its parts. With a cleaner HVAC system, you also have a cleaner and more comfortable home for your whole family to enjoy.

Extended Service Lifespan

You might think it’s expensive to schedule an annual maintenance inspection, but it helps you keep your HVAC system longer. With regular maintenance, your HVAC system has a service life of 10 to 15 years. A lack of regular maintenance cuts the service life of your unit in half and you’re left looking for a new HVAC system far sooner than you would generally need.

Healthier Home

With maintenance comes improved air quality. An HVAC service technician cleans air filters, dirty air ducts and other system components. Common indoor air contaminants include pollen, pet dander, dust, microbial and other particulates.

Increased Efficiency

When you no longer have dust, debris or anything else clogging your HVAC system, it works far more efficiently. A dirty HVAC system works harder to keep you comfortable, using more energy than it would typically need in an attempt to provide the same level of comfort.

Don’t forget to schedule your annual maintenance check before winter arrives. It’s best to have a professional service technician work on your HVAC system. Contact Weather Makers today to experience all the benefits that routine maintenance provides your home.

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