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4 Sources of Indoor Air Pollution in Suffolk, VA

Air Purifier Removes Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor air pollution is a major health concern for homeowners everywhere. Sources of indoor air pollution in Suffolk, VA, can range from chemical to biological pollutants and can significantly impact the health of people exposed to them. Here are four of the most common sources of indoor air pollution and what you can do to prevent them from harming you:

Carpet Fumes

When you install new carpeting, the glue and other chemicals used to hold it in place can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds can cause eye irritation, respiratory problems, headaches and nausea. It’s important to keep areas with new carpet well-ventilated for several days after installation.

Household Disinfectants and Cleaning Products

The use of household disinfectants, air fresheners, aerosols and other cleaning products is common in residences. When used, these products may release VOCs and other hazardous chemicals into the air, affecting indoor air quality. Never mix different cleaning agents because this may produce potentially harmful reactive gases.

Tobacco Smoke

Smoking indoors is a major source of poor indoor air quality. Tobacco smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, including carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. These pollutants can accumulate in enclosed spaces and linger for several hours.

Gas Stoves

Cooking with a gas stove produces nitrogen dioxide, a pollutant that can irritate the eyes and cause respiratory problems. Using a gas stove in a poorly ventilated space can lead to a buildup of nitrogen dioxide and other compounds like carbon monoxide. Ensure that kitchen areas are well-ventilated, or consider using an electric stove instead.

It’s essential to keep your home safe and healthy, so you need to be aware of the sources of indoor air pollution and how to reduce their effects. Contact Weather Makers for preventive maintenance to protect your household from the dangers of indoor air pollution.

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