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Understanding Recovery Mode on Your HVAC Thermostat

Adjusting HVAC Thermostat

If you’re new to using programmable thermostats, you might react to seeing yours go into something called “Recovery Mode” with distress. While the name suggests that the thermostat has suffered some kind of damage, recovery mode is actually a normal and even beneficial feature. Learn what recovery mode is and what it might mean for your HVAC thermostat in Smithfield, VA.

What’s Recovery Mode?

To put it simply, recovery mode is a special energy-saving and efficiency-maximizing feature that programmable thermostats offer. It gives your thermostat the power to command your HVAC system to manipulate temperatures toward your ideal levels while using as little energy as possible.

Let’s say that you want your thermostat to turn on at 7 A.M. and bring your home to a certain temperature. Rather than only beginning that work at 7 A.M., the thermostat can go into recovery mode and work gently so that the job is already done by that time. Most of the time, that’s all that seeing your thermostat in recovery mode means, and there’s nothing to worry about.

Could Something Be Wrong?

There are also some less innocent reasons your HVAC thermostat might be in recovery mode. For example, there might be a glitch or wiring issue that is preventing it from working normally. Your HVAC system might also have problems of its own that cause it to shut down suddenly, short cycle or simply perform inadequately, which might also trigger recovery mode.

What Should You Do?

The right course of action in response to a thermostat in recovery mode will depend on why it entered that mode. If the device is in recovery mode as part of its normal operations, there’s no need to do anything. But if it jumps into recovery mode unexpectedly and you notice other HVAC-related problems, you should call professionals and set up an appointment for repairs.

A thermostat in recovery mode isn’t usually a problem. When it is, there will be some other evident HVAC problems that accompany it. Call Weather Makers and request our HVAC services to resolve these issues.

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