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Waking Up Tired in Camden, NC? Your HVAC System May Be At Fault

HVAC Impacts Sleep

Regardless of how many hours of sleep you got, do you find yourself consistently waking up still feeling like you had just dozed off? It’s incredibly frustrating to try to start your day, get everyone where they need to be and do everything you need to do when you feel like you’re running on a couple hours of sleep. If you find yourself consistently waking up feeling tired, your HVAC system could be impacting your sleep quality. Read on to learn more.

Unwanted Noise

If your HVAC system makes a lot of noise while in operation, it could be a hindrance to your sleep, especially if you’re a light sleeper. Depending on how loud the noises are, they may prevent you from falling asleep altogether or keep you from reaching a point of “deep sleep” during the night. Noises in your HVAC system often point to a more serious problem, so you should schedule a repair visit sooner rather than later.

Temperature Control

When you sleep, your core body temperature drops a couple of degrees, meaning you should set your thermostat accordingly. If you get too hot or too cold while you’re sleeping, your sleep quality will suffer. If your HVAC system isn’t capable of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, let our team of service technicians help determine what’s wrong.

Indoor Air Quality

The presence of dust, dirt and debris in the air inside your home can have a direct impact on your sleep quality. Having clean, pure air will help ensure that you achieve better sleep. Whether it’s something as simple as changing an air filter or investing in indoor air quality solutions, we can help ensure that your air is clean, allowing you to sleep better.

Having a high-functioning HVAC system in your home doesn’t just keep you comfortable when you’re awake. It also helps you sleep better. If you wake up feeling tired and think your HVAC system could be to blame, call Weather Makers today to find out about all of our HVAC services.

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