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What to Do When Your HVAC Bills Increase Every Month

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If the cost of heating and cooling your Orange, Texas, home seems to be increasing with every passing month, you may want to follow some of these tips. Managing household expenses isn’t easy, especially when the utility bills keep going up.

Get the System Checked Out

One of the most common causes of higher energy bills is poor efficiency within your HVAC system. So the first thing to do is bring in a professional who can perform a thorough examination of the furnace, air conditioner, and ducts to look for issues. Dust, dirt, and other debris tend to build up within the ducts without routine cleaning services, making the heating and cooling system work harder to move air into the various rooms of your home. You may also have dirty filters or damaged components that require repair before the system can work efficiently.

Leave the Thermostat Alone

It’s always tempting to adjust the thermostat based on the feel of your home, but this is another reason your bills might be going up every month. Try to find a comfortable medium and set your programmable thermostat at that number, and then leave it there. Constantly moving the temperature up or down requires the heating or cooling system to turn on more often, which uses more energy. As you set your thermostat, account for times of the day when no one is home.

Keep the Curtains Closed in Summer

Sunlight streaming through your windows on a pleasant day is always nice, but the heat from the sun will also increase the temperature in your house. If you can’t stand the thought of living without natural light, simply keep the blinds and curtains closed in empty rooms or when you’re not at home. There’s no benefit to leaving blinds open in an empty room and forcing your air conditioner to struggle to keep the temperature down.

By making a few changes to the way you run your HVAC systems, you can save money on the monthly bills. If you’d like to schedule a maintenance checkup on your heating and cooling system, call us at Thermacon at 866-797-1535.

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