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Where Does My Home Lose Cool Air in the Summer?

Losing Cool Air

Every summer, your Elizabeth City, VA, home might use almost half of its energy on cooling alone. However, your residence might be losing a lot of that. Keep reading to find out where cool air loss might occur so you can save energy and money moving forward.


The older your house, the less insulation it might have. Walls without enough insulation let heat transfer into your home and can potentially let conditioned air out. Your AC system then has to produce more to replace what you’re losing.


Improperly placed vents and attic cracks or holes can be exit points for cool air escaping your home. Wool or fiberglass insulation needs to be at least 11 inches deep, and cellulose needs 8 inches or more. Don’t forget to check the insulation of the access door leading into your attic.


Your air conditioner might have to work harder because of your windows. Old windows are a primary source of cooling losses since single-pane glass doesn’t provide enough insulation. Double-pane windows are far more efficient because they have special gases between layers of glass.


You might lose 20% of your home’s cool air from your basement. Foundation walls and the underlying cement slab are often insulated poorly. A finished basement is less likely to have this issue, but the right insulation can minimize cool air loss even for unfinished basements.


Doors can let cool air out if they’re not properly insulated. However, they can also create a problem if they don’t fit their frames well. Even a gap of a few millimeters can result in substantial cooling losses.

Doors and windows can be places in your home where cool air gets out during the summer, but cracks in walls and insulation issues can also matter. Addressing these can help your home retain its cool air. Contact Weather Makers for preventive maintenance to keep you cool for less this summer.

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