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Why Does My Breaker Trip When the AC System Kicks On?

AC System Tripping Breaker

If your air conditioner trips your circuit breaker, that means that your system is pulling in more amperage than the breaker can handle. Here are three reasons the AC system in your Currituck, VA, home might be tripping your breaker:

Dirty Air Filters or Coils

If your air conditioner has dirty air filters, the debris will disrupt the flow of air through your system and diminish its efficiency. In response to this, your AC system may react by drawing in more power to speed up its functioning. If the AC system pulls too much power, it can trip the breaker.

A similar thing can happen if your AC system’s coils are dirty. When the condenser coils cannot adequately release the hot air, the system will use more electricity. Requesting regular AC maintenance from professional service technicians can prevent these problems or resolve them if they occur.

Leaking Air Conditioner Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the substance that allows an air conditioner to cool warmer air. If some of it leaks and your system no longer contains it in sufficient quantity, the air conditioner may overheat. With less refrigerant, your AC system will also have to work harder to cool air and may use too much power while doing so.

The AC Breaker Itself Is Bad

If your AC system keeps tripping your breaker, particularly if this happens immediately after the breaker turns on, the problem may lie with the breaker itself. If your breaker is more than about 30 years old, it’s likely to have old parts, even some that are coming off the wall. In that case, the proper option is for you to replace the breaker.

When your AC system trips your circuit breaker, tit won’t be able to function properly, leaving you at the mercy of the summer weather. If you experience this problem, our service technicians can help you get to the bottom of it. Call Weather Makers today for all your air conditioning service needs.

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