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Why Does My Furnace in Chesapeake, VA, Smell Like Oil?

Furnace Repair

As the temperatures start to drop in Chesapeake, VA, it’s time to start firing up the furnace to keep everyone in your household warm and cozy. But what happens when you start noticing an odor coming from the system? We’ll discuss some reasons your furnace could be smelling like oil and what to do about it.

Recent Oil Delivery

Chances are that a spill might have occurred during the pumping. This will make the oil smell stick around for a few days, but it’ll grow weaker after that.

Initial Use

After months of not using your furnace, initial combustion does create an oil smell in your system. This is a normal occurrence, and the smell should be gone within a few days.

Crowded Furnace

For any combustion to occur fully, enough air ventilation must be present. If you have objects around your oil furnace, the chances are that they might be causing smoke as they heat up. To prevent this fire hazard, always leave adequate space around the system.

Clogged Filter

The oil smell from your furnace could also be an indication of a clogged furnace filter. It’s always good practice to have your HVAC filters replaced every three months. If you suspect a clogged filter might be causing the odor, reach out to a professional for a replacement.

Furnace Problem

If none of the other issues checks out, you might have an underlying furnace problem. This can range from a failed heat exchanger and oil burner cracks to even residual oil that did not experience full combustion. These are technical issues that a professional service technician can handle with ease.

If you notice a prolonged oil smell, it might be time to have it checked out. Here at Weather Makers our team of professionals can keep your heater running efficiently and your family safe and comfortable. Call us today to schedule your next maintenance appointment.

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