Changing Furnace Filter

Fall is giving way to winter in Norfolk, Virginia, and you’ve turned on your furnace. Something is wrong, though. The air coming out of your vents isn’t warm. If your furnace is blowing cold air, read on to learn four things that could be wrong and what you can do about them.

Your Thermostat Is Set to "On"

Most thermostats have two fan settings: on and auto. When your thermostat is set to "auto," the fan will only blow when the furnace is running. However, when it’s set to "on," the fan will blow continuously. In this case, you may feel cold air coming from your vents because the fan is running but the furnace is not. Flipping the switch to "auto" should fix the problem.

You Need to Change the Air Filter

If your thermostat settings seem fine, the problem could be that your furnace has overheated. Although this sounds like an expensive problem, often the solution is as simple as changing the air filter. When your air filter is excessively dirty, your furnace will struggle to push air through it and may eventually overheat. You can prevent this by changing your air filter regularly.

You Have Fuel or Ignition Problems

If you have a gas furnace, the problem could be related to your fuel supply or ignition. Make sure the pilot light is on. If it’s not and you can’t get it relit, the gas supply could be blocked, leaking or turned off. Dirt or grime could be preventing the pilot light from igniting, or the thermocouple could be broken.

There’s a Broken Furnace Part

Finally, the problem could be something a little more complex, like a broken part you can’t see. In that case, it’s best to leave the diagnosis and repair to a licensed and certified HVAC contractor.

If you’ve tried all of the DIY fixes mentioned above and none have done the trick, it’s time to call in a pro. Contact Weather Makers, Inc. to schedule the HVAC maintenance or repair your system needs by calling 757-263-4869.

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