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Why Does My Furnace Keep Overheating in Currituck, NC?

Furnace Overheating

It’s not uncommon for a machine to run into problems when it’s in regular use, and a furnace is no different during winter. One of the most common issues that furnaces develop is overheating. Here are some possible reasons your furnace in Currituck, NC, is overheating:

Furnace Has a Mechanical Failure

Your furnace’s parts may not retain optimal efficiency forever. As the system ages, its parts become subject to wear and tear. Worn-out parts cause the system to work hard for a long time, resulting in overheating.

Just like vehicles need maintenance to keep serving you smoothly, so does a furnace. A service technician will spot the worn-out parts during a maintenance procedure and repair or replace them. Also, they will lubricate all the moving parts to keep the unit running smoothly without friction.

Furnace Could Be Short-Cycling

Short-cycling is a scenario where your furnace turns on, heats your living space quickly, shuts down and turns on again. Turning on and off in quick succession causes the motor to overheat.

Thermostat problems and an oversized furnace are the common causes of short-cycling. Short-cycling results in uneven temperature distribution, which means you’ll notice some hot and cold spots in your house.

Consider having a service technician check your thermostat to ensure communication between the device and your furnace occurs successfully. Also, get an appropriately sized furnace if you’re using an oversized system. No amount of repairs can fix an oversized furnace.

There’s Poor Airflow

Your air filter traps pet hair, debris, pollen and dirt, preventing them from entering your furnace. The filter also helps remove these pollutants from your indoor air space, improving indoor air quality.

When the filter catches lots of these pollutants, it becomes clogged and doesn’t allow enough air to pass through. Consequently, your system starts overheating. Changing your air filter regularly will solve this problem.

Contact Weather Makers for outstanding heating services this winter. We understand that a malfunctioning furnace denies you the comfort you need. Therefore, we will take care of all furnace malfunctions to ensure you remain warm.

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