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How Winter Humidity Impacts Your Comfort

Winter Humidity Impacts Your Comfort

Winter Humidity Impacts Your Comfort

You’ve probably noticed the air feels dryer in Chesapeake and the surrounding Virginia area during the cold days of winter. What you might not realize is how the lower humidity affects the comfort in your home. Maintaining a stable humidity level in your home is essential for both your comfort and health. A humidifier is a smart investment for managing your humidity at home, helping you stay healthy and comfortable throughout the winter.

How Humidity Affects Your Comfort

In the winter, the air is dryer, which can cause a host of problems in your home. When there’s less humidity in the air, your home does not feel as warm, and you tend to need to turn the heat up higher to make up for that lost humidity. Low humidity in your home can also negatively affect your sleep. Finally, low humidity can cause dry skin, scratchy throat and dry nasal passages. 

Health Concerns in Low Humidity

Low humidity also creates health concerns, especially during the winter when the air is drier. People think it’s the cold weather that causes illness, but it’s often germs that multiple indoors. Low humidity can provide a breeding ground for all that bacteria. Keep your home clean, but also invest in a humidifier to use during the winter to help keep health concerns at bay. 

Air Quality and Humidity

Indoor air quality is a big concern in the winter, since people spend more time indoors. When it’s cold outside, people don’t get as much fresh air, so it’s especially important to have clean indoor air. Low humidity, which is prevalent during the winter, can contribute to poor indoor air quality. This compromises both your comfort and your health, causing headaches, flu-like symptoms and inflaming allergies. 

If you have concerns about the humidity level in your home or any other HVAC issue, we’re the experts to call. Contact Weather Makers Inc. at 757-263-4869 to speak with an experienced HVAC professional today. 

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