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5 Issues That Can Sabotage Healthy Indoor Air

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Weather Makers Air ConditioningHealthy indoor air is a necessity for any Chesapeake area homeowner, but it can be particularly important for those who have family members suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. Most of us know that dust and pollen are common allergens, but there are some lesser-known household issues that could be ruining your healthy indoor air.

Tobacco Smoke

It isn’t a secret that tobacco is dangerous, but smoking can be especially hazardous for indoor air quality. Secondhand smoke can be life-threatening for everyone exposed to it, especially those with asthma. Indoor smoking also decreases the value of your home and increases the risk of fire.


Radon is invisible and doesn’t emit a smell, so it can be virtually impossible to detect without professional testing or a reliable home testing kit. Though it can be difficult to notice, radon is quite dangerous and can lead to lung cancer or other illnesses if it isn’t corrected with filters or vents.

Smoke Alarms

Most homeowners realize that smoke alarms are a necessity, but they can be easy to forget about in the midst of a busy family life. Be sure that you have a smoke detector installed on each floor of your home, and remember to test each detector monthly to keep everything in proper working order.


Mold is another pollutant that’s often invisible in the main living areas of the home. To avoid problems with mold and moisture, seal up any leaks in your home immediately and ensure that damp areas like bathrooms and basements have adequate ventilation.  Invest in a high-quality dehumidifier if any area of your home stays damp for long periods of time.


Pesticides are usually highly toxic and can be extremely dangerous when used indoors. Use non-chemical or non-toxic options, such as traps and all-natural repellents, when possible. If you have to use pesticides indoors, clean up residues immediately and make sure the area is well-ventilated.

Learn more about Weather Makers Heating & Air Conditioning’s solutions for healthy indoor air or call us at (757) 263-4869 to schedule a professional inspection.

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