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Do you have a sneaking feeling there’s something wrong with your HVAC system? Wonder no more! We’ve put together a list of the top signs that you need an HVAC repair in your Norfolk, Virginia, home.

Change in Airflow

Whether you’re noticing that your AC isn’t as cold as it used to be or that its flow is slower than normal, a change in airflow can indicate you need an HVAC repair. This typically means there’s a problem with the compressor.

Increased Energy Bill

Has your monthly energy bill been steadily increasing? A change in your HVAC’s efficiency can also indicate that it’s in need of some TLC or a repair. Energy bill fluctuations are common during season changes and might also mean there’s a leak in your home.

Old Age

Your air conditioner has a lifespan, and at a certain point, repairs just won’t be enough to keep it running. Most HVAC systems last eight to 10 years and then need to be replaced. Annual HVAC maintenance might keep the system running longer, but only by a few years.

Noises and Smells

Have you noticed strange noises or smells coming from your HVAC system? Any clanking, banging, or rattling is probably a sign that repairs are needed. HVAC sometimes give off an odor, but if the machinery smells hot or your house smells like a dirty sock, you likely need a repair, as well. Taking care of repairs and scheduling routine maintenance can help you keep your monthly bills low.

Excess Moisture or Dust

If you notice a buildup of moisture somewhere in your house or a lot more dust than normal, you might have an HVAC problem. Dust in your home might mean your HVAC system and ducts need to be cleaned and sealed.

Have you noticed any of these problems with your HVAC? If you have, don’t hesitate to call Weather Makers at 757-263-4869 to set up an appointment to have one of our trained technicians assess and repair your HVAC system.

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