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Home Weatherization Improves Air Conditioning Efficiency

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Weather Makers Air ConditioningMany Virginia homeowners believe that home weatherization is only useful in the winter, when colder temperatures can increase drafts and drive up heating bills. The truth, however, is that most home weatherization tasks improve HVAC system efficiency during both the heating and cooling seasons.

Here are some weatherization tips to help you get started in making your air conditioning and heating units run more efficiently.


Doors are a common location for air leaks, but sealing around your home’s doors should be easy. Add caulk around the casing of each exterior door, and apply weatherstripping to the door itself. Be sure that the door sweep and gasket on the bottom of the door are properly placed, and that they meet each other and fit well to avoid outside air sneaking under the door.


Window frames can also be sealed with caulk, and apply glazing to the panes or replace it if the glazing is older and worn out. Particularly when weatherizing for the winter, it’s also important to have properly-fitted storm windows or to seal the windows with low-cost, airtight plastic film.


To prevent cold air from entering through the fireplace, install a heavy door and keep it closed when not in use. The damper should also remain closed when there isn’t a fire burning. Unused fireplaces should be sealed more permanently with insulating materials for increased efficiency and comfort.


Attics should always be insulated particularly well, but the insulation and seal on the attic door is especially important. The attic door should have a heavy layer of insulation on the back, as well as weatherstripping around the edges to seal cracks.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets are often small and easy to forget, but they can be a major source of air leaks and can cost you extra money on heating and cooling bills. Weatherizing electrical outlets is easy, though. Simply open up the outlet covers and install rubber gaskets to keep drafts out.

Learn more about Weather Makers’ home weatherization solutions, or give us a call at 757-263-4869 today.

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